Sales & Marketing 3.0: The Basics + A Few Tricks

Strategy, Sales | September 19, 2017 | 2 mins read
In earlier blogs, we detailed Sales and Marketing 101 — the basic stuff. The stuff that everyone already knows (or at least they should…). We also covered several concepts called: Sales Intelligence 3.0. In our next installment of our Sales & Marketing Blog Series, we cover Sales & Marketing 3.0 – what most people think they know about these subjects and a few tricks they probably don’t know.
How do you think you’ll stack up to the competition?
Keep reading to find out.

Do You Remember Sales & Marketing 101?

Reviewing the basics never hurts anyone. Practice makes permanent, after all, and that goes double when it comes to things you do every single day in your career. As we have covered in previous blogs, marketing does matter in sales and vice versa. Increasingly, transparency and relationship building are becoming equally important for both sales and marketing. ProSellus focuses on ways to streamline these basic processes to maximize your effort and minimize your work. Well….as minimal of work as you can do as a medical device sales rep.

Actionable Intelligence Meets a Smile

No one likes to feel like they’re being sold something. No one likes it when they’re just a series of check marks on a target audience checklist. People want to feel listened to and appreciated, as well as intelligent because, let’s face it, your average person is significantly more clued-in these days than you might think.

Consider a buzz-phrase we throw around a reasonable amount at ProSellus: Actionable Intelligence. What is this? It’s the point where data and metrics meet application and results.

Essentially, it’s the culmination of sales training and target marketing too. The prep work that the marketing team does in regards to audiences, ads, and brand development crash together with data, statistics, as well as that tried and true “Can Do” attitude from a sales rep. These merge to form the perfect opportunity to close a deal. The tricky part is sifting through data, finding the right market, and honing your message.

Skip the expensive CRM’s or complicated software. The ProSellus Tool puts the power of data in the palm of your hand with ease of use only rivaled by the “easy” button. We’ll be covering more about Sales & Marketing 3.0 in the coming months because we have only scratched the surface for now. Hungry for more? You can always email me,, if you want to get ahead and empower your hunters with actionable data.

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