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A sales tool that goes beyond the traditional CRM

Field Sales Reps need two things in a sales tool: simple and useful. Traditional CRMs & Sales Enablement Tools are not simple, and they definitely do NOT help drive revenue for the always-on-the-go healthcare sales rep. ProSellus is different. Designed by a team of top producers in medical device sales, this mobile sales tool gives your sales reps unparalleled insight into all the relationship and revenue opportunities in their territory ON TOP of all the important features of a CRM. Help your sales reps focus on the right physicians, at the right time, to create new opportunities, using data we have built into the tool or that you already own (or both!).

Unlock Powerful Physician and Facility Data

ProSellus Integrates with CMS, AMA, Sunshine, and Private Payer Data to Provide Real Sales Intelligence


The problem with Healthcare Sales Organizations and Software Sales Tools didn’t start overnight…

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed that way…

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