A Hate/Hate Relationship: Salespeople & CRM

Salespeople rarely agree on anything. The comp plan is good, the comp plan is bad, quota is too high, it’s not enough for me to make enough money, and the list goes on and on.

Is Healthcare Data only for The Big Companies? That’s What They Want You to Think…

Healthcare Data is expensive! So expensive that the majority of Healthcare sales organizations never buy it.

Your Sales Acceleration Formula: Pt. 1

We mentioned last month that we would be debuting a two part blog series on the ultimate sales acceleration formula. Since we are growth engineers of our word,

5 Reasons why Medical Device salespeople hate CRMs

CRMs (aka customer relationship management) is an integral part of any salesperson’s job, even though lots of us don’t think of it as a process or “something we do….”.

How Can ProSellus Revolutionize your Healthcare Business?

If you are in healthcare sales, you might want to learn about ProSellus. If you aren’t familiar with the services that the ProSellus CRM offers, we can fix that right now.

Sales Acceleration is Your Turnkey Sales & Marketing Strategy…But What Is It?

Turnkey solutions are fantastic for enterprise and small sales businesses. They’re lean, often affordable, and — ideally — extremely effective. ProSellus offers such an all-in-one-tool in the form