About Us

Top Performers Know Everything About Their Territory

ProSellus Puts that Territory Knowledge in All Your Reps' Hands

Our Story

We are Medical Sales Reps just like you...

Prosellus is more than a mobile software system. It’s the product of tens of thousands of hours selling medical devices in the field. After years of frustration from big software tools, our founder stumbled upon an idea. This idea would change the way medical device sales reps approach their territory and how they gain market intelligence and data.

Can you, as a medical device rep, build value for your physician practices that use your device? Can you, effectively, help your physician partners grow their practice? This simple, yet powerful approach to device sales led to a purpose-built tool designed for sales reps, by sales reps.

Why We Built ProSellus

We got tired of being given tools that were worthless to us…

ProSellus makes research fast, mobile and intuitive. Imagine riding in the elevator to a physician's office armed with the physician’s procedure volume, prescriptions written, diagnosis data, referral networks and Sunshine/Open Payment data, all in the palm of your hand.

For a rep to effectively OWN their business they need information. Who and where the physicians are that would likely adopt their product? Who are their current physician relationships and who are the possible relationships that can help achiever greater procedure volume?

Armed with that information and more, sales reps can more effectively grow their revenue and connect with physicians.

With ProSellus, uncovering this information takes seconds, giving reps the knowledge to help bring value to their physician customers, and ultimately help you drive more revenue in your territory.