Are you a medical sales rep selling to Healthcare providers?

Would you like to know which physicians manage the most patients, write the most prescriptions & perform the most procedures?

You want to know:

  • Sunshine/Open payment info
  • Complete competitive intel
  • Healthcare providers referral networks

You are a road-warrior:

  • Your phone is your favorite weapon
  • You have no time for archaic CRMs & databases
  • You want all Intel right now in the field

A Quick Demo

Get all the intel you need to close the deals in the palm of your hand!

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to your fellow sales reps.

Target the Right Physicians at the Right Time!

ProSellus enables you to become more efficient and effective in the field.

1. Field Sales Reps need 2 things in a sales tool: simple & useful.
2. Traditional CRMs & Sales Enablement Tools are not simple.
3. They are not built for always-on-the-go healthcare sales rep.

ProSellus is different. Designed by a team of top producers in medical device sales, this mobile sales tool gives you unparalleled insight into all the relationship and revenue opportunities in your territory ON TOP of all the important features of a CRM. Focus on the right physicians, at the right time, to create new opportunities, using data we provide at your fingertips.

Search Millions of Physicians

By procedures, specialties, drugs prescribed & geography

Build Physician Networks

Save your contacts to build your private networks

Log & Track

Log activities to keep track of your interactions

Born and Bred in Medical Device Sales

Can you, effectively, help your physician partners grow their practice?
Can you, as a medical device rep, build value for the physician practices that use your devices?
This simple, yet powerful, approach to device sales led to a purpose-built tool, designed for sales reps by sales reps.
ProSellus is more than a mobile software system.
It is the product of over 50 years of combined experience and tens of thousands of hours of selling medical devices in the field.

Ready to leverage physician data to skyrocket your Sales?